How it works

CNG Conversion System

Light-duty natural gas vehicles work much like gasoline-powered vehicles with spark-ignited engines. The schematic below shows the basic CNG fuel system components.
A CNG fuel system transfers high-pressure natural gas from the storage tank to the engine while reducing the pressure of the gas to the operating pressure of the engine’s fuel-management system. The natural gas is injected into the engine intake air the same way gasoline is injected into a gasoline-fueled engine. The engine functions the same way as a gasoline engine: The fuel-air mixture is compressed and ignited by a spark plug and the expanding gases produce rotational forces that propel the vehicle.
Some heavy-duty vehicles use spark-ignited natural gas systems, but other systems exist as well. High-pressure direct injection engines burn natural gas in a compression-ignition (diesel) cycle. Heavy-duty engines can also burn diesel and natural gas in a bi-fuel system. Our diesel conversion kit increased horse power as well as doubles your gas mileage.
Basic CNG Fuel System Components
CNG enters the vehicle through the natural gas fill valve and flows into high-pressure cylinders (up to 3,600 psi). When the engine requires natural gas, the gas leaves the cylinders and out through the multivalve. The gas travels through the high-pressure gas supply line and enters the engine compartment. Gas enters the Reducer/Regulator, which reduces the gas pressure to the required vehicle fuel injection system pressure. The high pressure natural gas fuel filter allows natural gas to pass from the regulator into the gas mixer or fuel injectors. The MAP Sensor shuts off the natural gas when the engine is not running. Natural gas mixed with air flows down through the r fuel-injection system and enters the engine combustion chambers where it is burned to produce power, just like gasoline.

Dual Fuel CNG System

VERSUS is a sequential injection gas conversion system designed to gasoline motor vehicles supplying LPG or natural gas in gaseous state. Thanks to its superior integration features, VERSUS guarantees high performance as well as an easy, user-friendly installation process. VERSUS Sequential gas system is the right solution for the latest generation vehicles, it represents the most advanced level of evolution for gas injection equipment. Our products are designed in accordance with the highest safety standards. It is easy to install, the operation is logical.

VERSUS system from the level of its operational functions is fully automatic device. It switches to gasoline mode immediately when it recognizes the lack of the gas. After refueling at least half of the tank, it switches to gas mode automatically. In case a failure of any component – it switches to petrol. Additionally all VERSUS controllers are equipped with a leak detection system. When leakage is detected, it shuts off all valves.
In the VERSUS gas system, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) calculates the opening times of the injectors, individually required by each cylinder, it operates each gas injector separately with the highest precision and with perfect timing to the opening instant of the air intake valves. Consequently the VERSUS Sequential injection system delivers correct fuelling requirement at the precise time for the particular vehicle.