Gas & Diesel engines

Our kits fit what you drive

We have kits that work with your 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder engines. Wether or not you have Diesel or Gas, we can make it happen.

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MONEY Savings

CNG saves $’s at the pump

Natural Gas is currently $1.35/gge in the Tulsa area.  If you invest in a home refueling unit, your savings would be even greater.
Natural Gas is 120 octane so your engine will run much cleaner – prolonging the life of your motor.

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Quality Conversion Kits

Our Kits are Complete and of the Highest Quality

The Versus brand of Compressed Natural Gas Conversion kits are the best our installers have experienced, They surpass all other kits by both the Quality and instalation engineering.

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See America

Don’t spend all your money on GAS

Take that Vacation you always wanted to, yet were reluctant due to Fuel Prices… With our dual-fuel systems you will be able to journey far and wide.

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Midwest CNG has all your Conversion Needs

parts including:

The Versus Gas System is one of the most prestige CNG conversion kits on the market today. This is a sequential injection system that automatically switches to CNG when engine parameters allow and then switch from CNG when tank runs out. There are a variety of features that set the Versus Gas System in this top tier category.

Installer Network

VERSUS is the largest manufacturer of sequential injection gas conversion systems in the world. VERSUS manufactures the entire kit so the highest quality standands can be maintained. Very few can make that kind of statement. Most of the systems on the market today are purchased from multiple vendors then repackaged which instantly lowers your quality of product.
VERSUS has recently decided to enter the USA market. CNG/LPG alternative fuels is a fast growing industry. Now is your opportunity to be a part of this team that is the worldwide leader. Act now before your competition does.
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